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AO is very casual mmorpg compare to UO. If you loved UO for its tedious and useless things you could do, for example making utensils and table to decorate your kitcken

Albion Online vs Ultima Online

AO is very casual mmorpg compare to UO. If you loved UO for its tedious and useless things you could do, for example making utensils and table to decorate your kitcken, or paying extra golds on top for a fruit basket because that looked a little different from regular fruit basket, this is not your game.


1. First, the way PvP works is different. There are separate PvP zones. It is not a bad idea. It will help new players to enter world of AO with ease. What I don't like is that it is not like you could be attacked, you will do PvP because it is PvP area. Easier way to understand this is Tramel/Feluca. The Renaissance it is.


One thing I enjoyed in UO was meeting a stranger on the road. Meeting a player who was willing to help when nothing stopped him from killing me. It was really a big joy for me.


I think AO still can go full PvP. Do not stop players from doing pk with system rules. Place more city guards and let them patrol around the safe zone. That will guarantee more freedom for players. Who knows one day, a group of crazy murderer guild will launch an assault to the safe zone and kill eveyone while taking the risk of being attacked by tens of city guards.


2. You can die in PvP and lose every gear in this game and maybe that is the only thing that is similar to UO. You are totaly safe in guard zone and nobody will ever come to you to steal your golds, so you don't have to use hiding skill when you are at the bank.


3.You have to repair your gears but they won't break beyond repair. They don't degrade. Every equipment will tell you how stong it is, so you don't need knowledge in armslore or look for a weapon with a name of grandmaster smith on it.


Albion Online vs Ultima Online


4. Ranged attack is very easy because what limits you to shoot again is only the cooldown. Chopping the trees, making them into shafts and gathering feathers to complete arrows is not necessary. You can shoot as many times as you want. You don't have to worry about how many arrows you recovered from the victim either. AO is a sandbox game with unlimited arrows.


5. Magic is also the same. Just cooldown is there. Similar to MOBA games. No fizzles when you are casting. You don't need to buy reagents for the magic.


6. You can't swap your weapons during the fight. Remember magic+halberd combo? You can't do that here.


7. Hey, you can't mine over there. I know that looks like rocky area but there is nothing for you to interact with it.

(but I really like trees in AO actually chopped down and leaving the bases one the ground. It is one of the improvement over 18 years of mmorpg history!)


8. Trade skills are secondary jobs, like the one in WoW.(I only played WoW in close beta for a couple of month then quit. So current WoW maybe different.) You will have to venture into dangerous zone with some fighting skills eventually. You could stay as a trademan then you have to buy those materials from players that are strong enough to get access to high tier materials. So, why not practice in combat then you can gather materials on your own.


9. You gain levels in crafting but you still need higher level of npc in your craft shop to make higher tier equipments. I just don't get this... Maybe you are not actually gaining levels but the access to higher tier.


10. Access to the weapons is also tiered. There is no stats or skills of your character. It is only a matter of if you have the access to the weapon. I was a foolish noob in UO running around with a halberd yet didn't have enough dexterity to swing it efficiently. In AO, if I can use halberd, I can use halberd. Also, a hit is hit. Since there is no stats/skill of players, attack miss doesn't make sense in AO.


11. There is no everyday clothings for roleplaying. You can't live as an ordinary man. It is either you fight in combat gears or roam around naked. Also, no furnitures to make your home look nicer.


12. You have a mount and can ride on it but can't fight on it. They will disappear back into your inventory so at least you don't have to worry about somebody killing your horse.


13. No open world housing. I read dev mentioning this can cause many problems but I cannot guess what they are.


I am disappointed but this is still in beta. I will wait and see what next patch will bring.

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