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Hello all and nice to meet everyone. After just reading and watching gameplay for about 6 months I wanted to do one thread here, with my thoughts.

Albion PvE,Wipes and Delays

Hello all and nice to meet everyone. After just reading and watching gameplay for about 6 months I wanted to do one thread here, with my thoughts.


I wanna get right to it. My friends and I are ALL PvE players from LOTRO, there are 8 of us in total. My friends and I have played over 6 years on LOTRO. We all are wanting very much to play this game and hope that you add more things for players like us to do in Albion. We all understand this is a PvP based game. We have been listening to all the developers news and it seems they understand PvE this could be a huge part of there player base. Almost all of us are wanting to play healers which would also be a huge help to your current hardcore PvP player base. We also have been watching this game on Twitch alot and it looks fantastic. I just ordered a top of the line gaming laptop from Acer which I had to save up for many months. I had bought it to play Albion. Now I get on here to find out that if my friends and I play your game all our progress will be wiped. None of us are willing to play and lose 100's of hours of progress.


Albion PvE,Wipes and Delays


Another thing we do not understand is if you guys are planning on keeping Albion in development for say another 5 to 6 months why do you not offer your players something concrete? Like why do you not offer anything for beta users other then just early access? Its just unacceptable and not offering players anything with such a long development cycle could hurt this game. It will not kill it cause again it going to be epic but still. : ( I just think if you are willing to put in a few 100 hours in you should atleast get a portion of that experience back when the game fully comes out. Even if it was only a %50 return rate of XP that would be enough for us to join immediately.


On the delay front people are saying another 6 months before game goes live. I think its really going to be another 9 months to a year. Which again would be cool if you offered us a solid XP exchange rate. Last but not least to The Filthy Casual who calls himself Lemundra we been watching you on Twitch. Please keep up your streams we are going to throw you a nice donation sometime in January. Keep up your work you little player and keep us up to date.  :thumbsup: 


Again so pumped about this game but so frustrated about the thin PvE aspect, wipes, and long delays. Despite these shortcomings I still want to congratulate the development team. I think you are triple A and over all doing your job well. Last thought it I think more needs to be done in to advertise this game. I think there is a good chance that Albion could be bigger then WoW or LOTRO ever was, time will tell.

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