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I saw a bunch of wipes on private servers of games, and they always seems to be the most lazy way to solve a problem.

Albion Wipe Justification, What Has Happenned?

Hi, i started to play Albion Online a week ago and i saw that a (another) wipe is coming.


I saw a bunch of wipes on private servers of games, and they always seems to be the most lazy way to solve a problem.


Sorry if i'm being too harsh, but the justification(?) of this wipe wasn't been clearly enough.


I mean... See the Admin post when someone asks about the wipe:


Sorry but... Close to IMPOSSIBLE!? 


Albion Wipe Justification, What Has Happenned?


I just wonder ONE little thing:

They gonna realease the game (i'm hoping so), right. But when they gonna add some new and BIG update to the game, what will they do? Another wipe? Cause it's "close to impossible" to do something big without a wipe!?

Or the game will stop in time and won't receive more updates?

Sorry Sandbox Interactive, but you are clearly gaining time, i just can't realize for what.

Wipes seens to be always the laziest solution.


Don't get me wrong, a wipe when the game really LAUNCHS is needed, but another wipe inside the beta?

This sounds like:

"Yay! We finally launched the game!! ...Wait, something went wrong in this new update! What we gonna do? This is close to impossible to implement on a live server... But wait! We can always wipe the server! "

We know that ain't going to happen (i hope so).


Let me put in another words... the wipe itself is the smallest of the problems, but the Sandbox Interactive transparency is the real problem.

I can just think about two things in this conclusion..


1) - S.I isn't good enough to implement something big without wiping the entire player database.

2) - S.I isn't being clearly enough about the true meaning of this wipe, trying to gain time for "something".


And i don't really think the first option is the right one.

Think about it.


Sorry if someone already posted something like this, but i really didn't read the entire forum, and for any grammatical issues, english isn't my mother language. Thank you all.

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