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I want to know that am I the only guy that meet lag issues in Albion Online? There are many players worry about the launch, the starting zones, the blue towns, Caerleon, and most importantly large-scale endgame world PVP. But none is distracted about the lag??

Anyone Worry About the Lag in Albion Online?

I want to know that am I the only guy that meet lag issues in Albion Online? There are many players worry about the launch, the starting zones, the blue towns, Caerleon, and most importantly large-scale endgame world PVP. But none is distracted about the lag???


My pc is garbage but I've played games for over 23 years of my life, I know lag when I see it, this had nothing to do with a PC or an internet connection, nothing to do with anything player side, this was an awesome event that would have been an ONSLAUGHT, literally a battle to write home about, but unfortunately it was a lag fest of a maximum/OVERWHELMING server capacity that caused the last event of the albion online beta to topple, it was live streamed on twitch on ALBION TV and even the shout casters had to resort to using verbiage such as , Turn based PVP , i'm sorry it breaks my heart that that was literally the best description of the state of the game, and even worst, as people triggered because the lag fest became a lock down unto which ONLY Physical attacks worked and spells didn't cast anywhere near within the time frame if at all.


Anyone Worry About the Lag in Albion Online?


I was there personally, i auto attacked down many people as they were caught in a lag spike of no casting availability, I walked over the corpses of over 300 dead people that got eaten by the LAGNADO and even looting there gear proved to be a challenge as the items would bounce because the servers couldn't register the looting under such extreme stress.


For me I came out on top and got a few good punches in, but my crys are for the great people who put their time into playing the game extremely hard and gathering their friends being reliable participants to the game just not getting to get a fair shot at actually doing what I felt to be the most awesome game event that I have experienced in probably 7 years of constant online gameplay. Watching people like red army and EOS not get a real chance in edge wise because they were not in position first just to get mobbed by extreme numbers being pushed with auto attack lag, I personally wanted something a bit more epic.


Pc's dont come into the equation it was an uncalculated variable on the end devs, I didn't think this many people would show up for end of beta and I only saw a small glimpse of the numbers in caerleon ( 284 population counter) previous to this the Sexy alliance probably had over 250-400 members in the blackzone prior to the event.


It was amazing to see how many people actually came out to to send off the game into beta.

My true hopes for this game are that servers get fixed and we can have awesome battles like the one we tried to have on the close of beta, just with real fighting not Stick figure auto attack wars. And I want to farm more silver/gold in game, so I would like to see a new farming/gathering rule in the future!


ALL and all this is an amazing game but you gotta fix the servers in anticipation for what could be the best opening launch of our lives if handled properly.


Alright, there are still 6 days to it's releasing, I really hope all of these isuess can be  repaired in time. We will see a quite perfect Albion Online in 17th, most of us has been playing Albion Online Beta for years and now it's time witness it's releasing!

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