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When I first heard about Albion Online in 2014, it was under development, and I fell in love with this game after I have seen their official trailer.

How Can Albion Online Grab My Attention?

When I first heard about Albion Online in 2014, it was under development, and I fell in love with this game after I have seen their official trailer. Time goes by, I have all the tool skills to t6, Bows to t6 in the game, we can do so much things in the game. 


Each player can be self sufficient to a tremendous extent.

It is choice in your time, your enjoyment in what you are doing, balanced against the loss of equipment and other aspects


How Can Albion Online Grab My Attention?


Being self sufficient basically means you can craft all or most, of the items you use, wear etc. And thereby when your killed and looted, the loss is much lower. One levels up those skills, and you sell the excess for profits, keeping what you want.


This takes a lot of effort and time. I love doing this.

But, if you focused your efforts, more singularly, either on combat skills and getting to black zones asap. Or one gathering skill and say one Gathering/Crafting skill. Again you can progress extremely fast, compared to a broad self sufficient approach.


I think it depends on your guild, and yourself as to which is most profitable and enjoyable. (Fully self sufficient is so much slower, that the albion online silver income is much slower, but at some point in time you can overtake perhaps).


The chap with the singular focused approach sells lots of the one item (or 2 or 3, whatever) and buys, or trades for, what he or she needs outside of there own skills. And they will be just fine and be in the full combat action as quick as they want to be. (Add to this income from pvp and they do very very nicely).


Self sufficient fully or nearly, gives you much more options, but it really slows you down.


I solo, and I gather and craft as the focus of my Albion game.

I have all the tool skills to t6, Bows to t6, All 3 cloth armor skills to t6 (mix of scholar and mage).

I gather everything. So I have enormous stocks of metal (as it is not an ingredient in what I make, other than a small amount for tools). So I sell craploads of it and it funds my bank very nicely. I am now leveling up some warrior weapons to use the metal for fame gain and sell the high quality ones for profit, instead of just selling the bars.


I am nearly blind, so I am a full time player, and I am in a solo guild, with the island(s) buildings (about 15) all to t6 and a few to t7, by solo gathering and being 100% self sufficient is what I enjoy more than anything.


But if I had not leveled all my own tool skills, as an example, and just purchased them, I would be far more advanced in other skills. And it would not have cost me that much in weighing it all up. But I love to minimize the death losses completely. When I die it is just some time and the load I had. Still hate it, but it didn't cost anything.


You do this fully, and you will need a lot of time. ALOT.

I do it, because I cant be bothered getting to the black zones quickly. I like to solo the red zones.

t7 and worse t8 mats, are so hellish boring to gather. I hate riding around for what seems like an hour to get virtually nothing. Where as t6 mats, are a constant stream, with some nice solo battles every now and then to spice things up. No zergs.

Whether that keeps my interest going when game is live and 6 months in, and not progressing anything anymore. I will have to decide if I quit or bother with the t8 gathering bullshit. There is no need for it to be so restricted, just make the cost of the crafting recipes far larger and put a lot more nodes out so it isn't so boring.


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