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Hi guys, I'm back, welcome to aosilver time again, what do you describe your position in the Albion Online? I think myself a casual player, yes, I play Albion just for fun and enjoy some happy time with my friends.

How to Be A Casual Player in Albion Online

Hi guys, I'm back, welcome to aosilver time again, what do you describe your position in the Albion Online? I think myself a casual player, yes, I play Albion just for fun and enjoy some happy time with my friends. Just look at my pathetic PvP stats. It's not really my thing.  


Yet I see no problem with the black zones. I might get pk'ed 1/10 gathering runs I do there, and might get attack somewhat around ½ the runs, out of which ½ is what I think you would call a "fair fight". Unless you count better gear on one of the fighters for unfair as well. If more than one player, I run, ride like hell, trying all the damn tricks in the book. Casually of course.


How to Be A Casual Player in Albion Online


And ts fun, since I never equip gear there, that I can not easily replace, thanks to casually making a gar bank with my guildies.


Once you learn to pick your fights, there's no biggie there, but plenty of stuff to do.Or in case you rather not fight, due to the unforeseen attacks and maneuvers that other players so annoyingly pull on you, which sometimes actually can pose a challenge, or whatever, you'll learn to escape; what to equip and how to use it. 


All in a casual manner. Just remember to breathe, also when you're in bz and all will be good. ;) Are you even going to the bz's, or just having blood-wet fantasies? 


Fame from Arenas would be a joke. It's already really ridiculous that you get "total player kills" listet. (Must be a bug?!?) Arenas should be played for the fun that they are and for practising fighting with your team; learning shit while having fun in a risk free environment. That's already casual bigtime. Besides there´s a ton of ways already to get risk free fame in the millions; try building a city up to the end tiers, etc.


Will not even comment on the fame thing for losing team, besides imo, they should just evaluate why they lost.


Battlegrounds... How could you ever think it would be a fair fight for casuals in the first place? It would only take a good team from a semi hardcore guild to obliterate a pug team to dust. Then what; only pugs allowed?


Bottom line is; the idea of the Fair Fight as something that can be enforced, is an illusion. Or, it would take so many rules for entering, that you'ld be queued for days.

Fair fights are seen very seldom and when encountered, I see them as a lucky punch. If they were all fair, it would be way to illegitimate and boring.


But then again I'm just a casual player, so I will not care so much things in the game, you know, for fun, not a job or something else. I will always love Albion and I wish I can play with my grandson one day.

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