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So currently anyone can gather any materials without using LP reasonably fast. It would take roughly a day or two for one of the types at a time.

How to Change the Albion Online's Focus to PvP as Promoted

So currently anyone can gather any materials without using LP reasonably fast. It would take roughly a day or two for one of the types at a time. If you decide to use LP as of today, you cripple your character's legs in other areas. A lot of people unfortunately has experienced this, and more will too in the release. With gatherers for base-materials (wood, ore, fiber etc.) you'll need people that can bring in gems, runes, souls and essences for yourself / your guild. Those would be the current PvE players that grind for fame towards higher gear. These are the people that will be PvPing in open world or in GvGs. So with the combination of all of these, you'll be able to supply the guild / yourself rather easily. 


How ever, everyone that wants to PvP have to spend countless of hours grinding the same mobs to progress to the next tier, that the gatherers already had the materials for a long time ago. With 13 tiers of gear equipment, and only mob tiers up to 7 (8 bears), this becomes tedious considering the minimal time spent PvPing compared to PvEing. So most players will feel like they have to keep PvE-grinding for high progression due to their opponents doing the same. You'll never get rid of the few players that will do anything to stay ahead of their opponents, and this enforces everyone else to grind the same. Most GvG players know how tedious this is, and how little open world PvP they actually get to be a part of.


Here's a solution:


1. Gathering has to become hard again, as in the release of the CBT. And LP should be removed in general, for all types of progression. Making gathering hard again and removing LP will allow anyone to grind any or all types of gathering, and the groups that plan out specific players to do one type each will get ahead. This promotes guild planning and strategy. For solo players, you'll be able to sell your materials so you can buy the rest to craft your own gear. In order for this to be fair for everyone, there has to be equality in how many material-nodes there are on the map, and animal leather has to be respawning with the standard 3/15 + the remaining yield it had last time it died, if it didn't get skinned.


How to Change the Albion Online's Focus to PvP as Promoted


2. Crafting gear should require progression to unlock higher tiers, which will be at the same ratio as gathering. This makes it so you'll have to use the low-tier materials in early stage of the game, not just jump to the highest tier once the gatherers have reached them.


3. Making PvE a necessity by keeping gems and runes in the drop-table of mobs. This way you don't have to grind for fame, but you have to grind for more mats to provide more gear, so you can PvP more.


You'll eliminate the boring part of the game, that almost everyone hates, and have to do 90% of their play-time. I'll gladly PvE for more materials, and once I feel comfortable with my amounts, I'll go back to crafting the sets and start PvPing again, which should be the main focus.


4. Essences from territories. When enchanted materials become average for most gatherers, essences will be needed. This makes GvGs more important, as more people will be using enchanted gear than currently. How ever, mage's essences needs to be balanced with hunter's and warrior's (the amount of territories). Otherwise it's okay.


5. Souls are gathered in Hellgates, and hellgates will be T5 elite mobs. This promotes more 5v5 (v5?) PvP as well as high-risk high reward content. It would how ever, be nice if it was 5v5v5 and a lot bigger, so you don't wait for 10 minutes for another group to join in. Even if another group joins in, you can kill them in less than 2 minutes, and then still have to wait for another 8 minutes. Just doesn't help the content, as people get bored of waiting.


With all of these suggestions mentioned above, I think you'd have a really good game that promotes PvP, both GvG and Open World.


Today it's more the zerg guilds that are promoted, and the most grinding players in GvGs. The rest feel a bit left aside. Gatherers barely taste PvP, crafters mainly sit in territories / cities and the rest are farming pocket mobs for 10-30k fame an hour till they maybe one day hit 8.3 when the top players are 7.6/8.6.

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