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So to start off I have been playing this game since 2013. I have loved every second of it and I have enjoyed just watching the game evolve.

I treasure the every little fun I found in Albion

So to start off I have been playing this game since 2013. I have loved every second of it and I have enjoyed just watching the game evolve. I was glad to buy this game when it no longer was invite only and required a founder pack. In fact as soon as I was made aware the packs were available I instantly dropped the cash to play the game some more. I have enjoyed basically every aspect of the game.


But, this beta has honestly been the LEAST fun by far. I played in the Pre-Test Test and I quickly realized the sheer size of the game. I made complaints about it and instantly got shutdown. I felt like everything was just too large, there was too many zones and way too much walking. I decided to keep trying to play in the Pre-Test even though this was going on. So now the beta comes and I honestly can say I spend more of my day playing the game running from zone to zone then doing anything. There is hardly any danger whatsoever for a player who is in tanky gear riding a horse. I run past any groups or zergs with ease as it is now. So when I farm I just run past everyone and go to a less populated zone. When I finally reach these zones I am completely alone, I never see anyone. In fact I have gathered about 2000-3000 T4 stone from ONE zone and have encountered two players in the entire time I have farmed there.


This in my opinion and many others is a major problem. The game is just too large. Moving through a zone takes forever. Doing a dungeon takes forever. Doing ANYTHING at all takes FOREVER. Sometimes you have that kind of time and are happy with it. But a lot of the time it is just a pain. When I gather I spend 10 minutes walking to the zone, 5-10 minutes actually farming, and 10 minutes walking back (by horse). That means I spent 20 minutes just clicking in a direction, and 5 minutes actually doing something proactive. Even with the ideas that are being added now I feel they are not going to fix anything. What kind of boost do you plan on giving to players? 100% movement speed? So they spend 10 minutes clicking in a direction instead of 20 minutes? And how do you expect a player to catch someone who is moving that fast? Do you not think that most players arent going to have the reflex time to instantly turn back when they see a RED name on the screen?


So thats gathering, what about PvE? So you get to a dungeon. Great yay, you got a group going. It starts out great. But heres the problem with the dungeons. For one, they are all the same. Nothing is different except slight changes to spells. Of which these spells are almost invisible, the exploding skeletons when they die? They let out splashes of water to signify you are about to take 300-400 dmg. The mages? Poofs of smoke when they die to let you know HEY IM GONNA STUN YOU FOR 5 SECONDS. So many slight visual queues it makes it hard to tell. Which is just annoying when you are playing in a dungeon that will make you lose your gear if you die. Give me more visual queues. But they are all the same. The dungeons look exactly the same, the layouts slightly different, all the mobs are exactly the same.


But lets say you just know what the mobs are going to do. The game just feels boring, you need more variety. I have never been in game where there are 3 types of monsters. In the entire game. Giants, Morganas and Skeletons. Why do you think this is okay? Why dont you think you should have more variety? Why havent you been trying to get MORE monsters in the game. I have killed tens of thousands of skeletons, and even more giants. I am tired of it. Give me dinosaurs to kill, give me orcs to kill, give me SOMETHING else.


I treasure the every little fun I found in Albion


But lets say you are okay with the monotony. Here is the other problem with this game, dungeons take SOOOOOOOOOOOOooOOOOOOooOOOOOO long now. I have had 30-40 different groups and have managed to find one random group that was willing to play through an entire dungeon.


It takes you 10 minutes to walk to the dungeon right? Takes you an hour or so to clear your way to a portal. Then it takes you 2-3 hours to clear the actual portal. That is 3-4 hours to do a DUNGEON not a RAID. There are no short dungeons in the game other then solo content. Come on developers what are you thinking? This is absolutely rediculous, I have not heard from one single person who actually enjoys the sheer amount of time it takes. I mean I had a dungeon group today that was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. But you know what? It took almost 2 hours to get to the first boss between the preparing to leave, clearing the mobs outside, clearing to the portal and getting to the first boss and killing it. Our healer had to go, of course he did its a T5 dungeon, its nooby it shouldnt take that long to complete.


Also one of the DUMBEST mechanic I have ever seen in this game. Is suicide hopping once you leave the dungeon. Seriously who here enjoys getting out of a dungeon you just spent 3-4 hours in and realizing OH WAIT I have to spend an hour clearing my way out of the dungeon. Or even better, your group fails to complete the blue portal, now they are all naked. Lets make it so you have to walk back through endless mobs to exit the dungeon, then walk naked all the way back to town. Why does this sound fun to the developers? Why cant the blue portal teleport me OUTSIDE? Completed or not? The solo green dungeons do that. You get to the end there is a teleport pad to take you out. Why do I get punished for grouping? Do you know what MOST players do now? They get to a point that is safe in the dungeon (after dieing once or so) and guess what. They use the /stuck command to get to the entrance of the game. Your players would rather AFK for 5 minutes and get sent to the entrance. Then have to clear the dungeon or suicide hop back to the entrance. Its a dumb mechanic, easy fix. Stop dragging your feet.


Okay so now lastly the only thing left is PvP. Heres my experience this beta. I was killed by a claymore user when I was T4 and I lost my gear. I found two people on two separate occasions and they ran away from me and I couldnt catch them. Thats it, the end. Theres almost no PvP at all ever. I never see anyone, even in packed zones with 50+ players. I still only see one or two people running through the entire zone. The zones are just TOO big. When I travel through zones there are atleast 5-6 ways to travel. So how is any PvP group ever going to checkpoint people. Or see anyone. Its luck of the draw. PvP is basically removed from this game unless you have a setup time and setup place to meet other players. It really isnt fun. I hate it, I love being killed. Yes you heard it I love being killed by other players. I love going out to gather and running into a person or several people. I laugh my ass off when I get zerg'd. And I get into it HEAVILY when I am 1v1 and I do my best to win. But this is almost all absent this beta. Its depressing. I loved PvP.


Another part of the PvP is this new reputation system. I like the idea, it sounded great. But you guys failed at implementation hard. Firstly making you lose ALL your reputation upon flagging? This is HARSH as shit. I flag in a yellow zone and I lose the fame that took me 90 hours to get? Come on thats a HUGE penalty. If you do a dungeon for 2-3 hours you get like 100 reputation. If you gather for an hour you get like 30-50 reputation. So if I have 1500 reputation it took me ATLEAST 30 hours to get that, and its all instantly gone just because I flagged? I didnt even kill someone. I didnt even attack anyone. It gets even worse if you have more reputation. And as for the rates of reputation they are way too low. Way way way way way way way way way way too low. I get what you are aiming at. I like that its cool to be that guy that has a higher lawful status than someone else. But what is the max 50,000 reputation? Thats gonna take someone hundred of hours to ever accomplish. Then they flag once and its gone.


I honestly havent flagged once at all ever. Which is depressing cause I enjoyed going into the yellow zone and flagging cause you could flag up and just have fun. No consequence just have fun. I cant do that now, that was completely removed from the game now.


So from above you can see that I am mostly not enjoying almost every new mechanic put in the game, and Id have to say that a lot of people are feeling the same way. I have heard of more people quitting than anything. And if they arent quitting its cause they just love the idea of the game like me. I am here still, and I probably always will be. But just cause your hardcore fans and hardcore players are staying, doesnt mean we are enjoying ourselves. Listen to your community and start fixing these issues IMMEDIATELY. I know not every aspect of what I mentioned will be agreed upon not by every player. But I feel like these things have ruined the game and need to be changed or lessened soon before you lose all of your players.

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