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Hey guys, how do you think of the Escape Machanics in Albion Online? You know, Population is very important, but some players are going to leave Albion, and Escape Machanics was identified as a significant cause, is there any of your friends abandon the game now? And is it so hard to reach T7? What's the feeling of T7?

Is Albion OnlIne Escape Machanics Logical?

Hey guys, how do you think of the Escape Machanics in Albion Online? You know, population is very important, but some players are going to leave Albion, and Escape Machanics was identified as a significant cause, is there any of your friends abandon the game now? And is it so hard to reach T7? What's the feeling of T7? 


Yes, T7+ is easy to afford, but the power creep makes it not cost effective to roam in. T7+ compared to Faction ships? Factions ships are cheap as hell and I fly them solo all the time, and most alliances fly tons of faction doctrines. In other words u know nothing about eve and should not use it as a comparison. Some are just useless in solo and groups so they are not mass produced/farmed therefore cost way more then they should. As for escape mechanics in Eve, if fit right against 90% of gate camps it is easy to get faction ships, or most ships through without getting popped.


Is Albion OnlIne Escape Machanics Logical?


Lets get some examples for a noob spouting eve escape mechanics. mwd burn back to gate after holding cloak and waiting out the jump timer. mwd out of range of there point then warping off. Many forms of ecm, burst-single target-drones. Micro jump drive for some class's of ships-many gankers don't use scrams, and if they do ecm drones. Insta warp fits. cov ops ships-cloaky ninja incase u never got that far in the game. Most bs's should have a decent enough tank to slow boat back to gate while just soaking up the damage from a gank group, even webbed any solo player worth there weight has a decent tank to just laugh at most small gang dps. Not sure about the recent t3 changes but insta warp bubble invul fits. mwd cloaky instawarp. Kill off tackle? Warp core stabs? ect ect.


Escape machanics in Albion? wanderlust/bloodletter/invis pot. Outside of that any decent ganker will run u down. The balance of available strats go from 0-100 outside of some luck. It also makes gathering 100% safe if anyone doing it uses 1/2 there brain. I have gathered up to t8, and have made 39000 gold (never keep albion online silver) after reaching t8 without getting killed once, not a single time. I live purely in bz's and rz's depending on my mood. My gather char was in a guild once for about 3 days, other then that solo. I also have 14 stacks of t7 refined bars that I have been stalking up for lvling crafting. It is laughable in rz's, some days I get more kills on my gather there then on my main pvping, rz gankers just kind of suck imo.


Mobile depots made it easy as hell for a any player to fit for travel, then change when they get to there hunt spot.


Any decent eve player will know there is a million ways to get away from a average gate camp, but there are some friggin awesome players that just have most counters locked down in there comp and get most no matter what you bring through, but that usually always requires them to field a lot of isk, risk reward?


Albion is mainly t4 trash players dog piling a portal or zone entrance and trying there little harts out to get someone dismounted for a kill. No risk, though I cant blame them, outside of some pretty fun zvz there is almost nothing to fight over in the bz 99% of the time. And why risk any other gear when t4+ is so effective compared to higher tiers. I usually run t6 with 88 masteries. Why in the world would I run anything higher when outside of the looks the % of health and damage is minimal.


So whne you reach T7, you would fnd that Albion Online is really a good game, an amazing sandbox game in the history of games. And there is no isssues with Escape Machanics, it's just like what it should be. Even some player quit Albion, I will always love this game and keep playing it! 

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