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Hi, guys, welcome to AOSilver, some of my teammates in Albion Online tell me that they have a good idea to get more silver/gold in game - robbing other players! There are must be many players that has the same idea, but do this really work?

Robbing Other Players in Albion Is Not A Good Idea

Hi, guys, welcome to AOSilver, some of my teammates in Albion Online tell me that they have a good idea to get more silver/gold in game -  robbing other players! There are must be many players that has the same idea, but do this really work? 


I will prove you why robbing is not a good choice to be rich in Albion Online from three respects:


First, Albion has easy combat, People might get upset about this point but having a very simple combat system that 80% of the players can be pretty good at is vital to the life of a game like this. Most of the challenge should be in the prep and making sure everything you bring out to fight is helping you win not your skill in the fight itself. This is important because the best players will have the lowest participation cost and then prevent other players from farming back their lost participation cost. This could be seen in a game called Darkfall, there was a significant player skill involved in PvP. While the best players loved the game more than anything the worse plays just tended to quit because they could never win. In a full loot game if you never win, 90% of the players will inevitably quit because of the two fold cost, getting geared again, and then losing more stuff while farming to get geared again. So Combat Prep > combat skill is very important to a full loot system.


Robbing Other Players in Albion Is Not A Good Idea


Second, Albion has several ways to recover the loss that you won't risk losing more.

1. you can straight up buy gold and then get silver and regear with real life money. Usually I would never advocate this system for any game but it works very well at filling a gap for players who want to play but can't invest the time it would take to maintain the participation cost. I believe in albion also the highest tier gear is somewhat limited so one cannot just buy it and be the best due to guilds needing the materials to maintain their 5v5 teams. As long as the system is tied to the economy like it is there shouldn't be a major issue of whales abusing the power of their extra money.


2. Private island silver farming, Every player should be picking up farming maybe even making a few alts because this is a time based system that produces required materials at very little time investment for the players and zero risk of PvP time/loot loss. You also should make the money back that you need to pay the premium for the characters. Most of the economy is centered on stuff produced from farms even if you don't really see it at first. Food allows crafting and territory, food boosts crafting quality, food gives very strong buffs to combat, Potions are a vital active for combat and mounts are pretty much required when leaving town. Albion's economy is anchored in this non PvP time related activity that is also tied directly to their monthly subscription. Overall this is the system that is going to keep the full loot game alive, and I think they need to make sure every player realizes how necessary this is. Also they should probably implement a better control over farming I think, something like a weather system that requires territories to eat more food if the economy is going out of wack.


Third, The now centered city in the pvp areas. This is something that just got implemented with Cearleon, but is going to help with the economics of getting regeared after dying in PvP. This takes away part of the bad conflict of local banking's interaction with the full loot system, but keeps the local banking desired effects. First t2 needs to come from the blue zones and has a center sale location now(not really that big of a deal) second large guilds will still want to live out in their territories and have to deal with the local banking issues while smaller groups living out of the main city will not run into the time-item loss conflict that can really hurt a more casual game play.


Overall Full loot is a hell of a beast to try and implement in an MMO, Albion I think has a good base to deal with the problem of needing to regear they just need to work on making sure gear doesn't become worthless thus removing the impact of the loss and educating the player base on why everyone should be farming a private island, and making sure it has value so the weekly farming income vs estimated player loss due to pvp can balance out nicely to supplement casual game play that suffers the most from full loot.


So you'd better not to expect to be a millionaire by robbing, Gathering and farming would be the safer way to get more money in game. And you can consider buying albion online silver and gold from AOSilver, you know we can provide Albion Online services for all of you guys!

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