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I am excited to see this game develop into something a lot of people will want to participate in.

Seven Suggestions for Albion Online

As a beginner in Albion Online and just buying my first founders pack, I am excited to see this game develop into something a lot of people will want to participate in. As a complete beginner I noticed some things that need changing and some things that need to be added that I think will help the player base of Albion Online prosper.


Suggestion 1). Add a lodestone in each game-created city and a placement item for founded territories.

As a noob, the biggest struggle with getting myself in a position to be invested in this game is the constant walking around. I understand the developer's desire that there are no shortcuts as far as game mechanisms are concerned, but adding a home teleport so you can get back to a city of your choice would be extremely helpful for everyone.


Suggestion 2). Add indicators that display what tiers of resources can be found in each zone (E.g. Zone: Whatchamacallit Resource Rating: I-III)

With being a fresh start in a game that already gives little to no direction from the beginning, it is hard for me to dictate what areas I need to be exploring in. An indicator displaying the tier of resources that can be found in a particular zone would be very helpful and supplemental in indirectly providing a sort of direction that I should be going to progress in Albion.


Seven Suggestions for Albion Online


Suggestion 3). Find a more organized way to display skills, skill levels, and what can be crafted. 

I walked around for the first day I played not quite understanding the nature of the skill tree. Because the developers put all of the skill trees in one, it is hard to navigate and find specific skills I'd like to be focusing on. I am veteran to the MMO genre; if I had such a hard time understanding this facet of the game, then any player that is not so attuned to this genre will be completely lost.


Suggestion 4). More content should be added for those who would like to play the game to gather.

I was blown away by the lack of focus on crafting when i saw the skill tree. Most of the crafting done in this game is centered around combat items. I think more effort could be placed in this facet of the game to add depth that the typical MMO player is looking for.


Suggestion 5). Group Finder, Instanced Dungeons, and re-appropriation of surface level dungeon access.

Some guy starts an interesting conversation in global while I am gathering. Alright. Cool.



Not when people are constantly spamming global looking for a group. There is no reason a group finder should not exist with the addition of instanced dungeons with bosses that drop uncraftable rare items. PvE/PvM is being ignored fruitfully. In addition to instanced dungeons that have a physical access point as well as access through an instance, surface level dungeons should be utilized in a different light. While instanced dungeons would provide the ultimate PvM experience, surface level dungeons should be used for housing higher tier materials that are surrounded by the dungeon's level of difficulty monsters.


Suggestion 6). More incentive to explore other than gathering, training, or PvP.

As stated, there is no incentive to explore. No interesting nooks and crannies to find that cool item that is only tucked at that specific point you happened to stumble across. As a veteran to the MMO genre, and an avid PvP'er, I still enjoy the other aspects of an MMO as well. PvP only has meaning in a game when the players also have multiple common goals outside of PvP. If the overall objective purpose of the game is to gather, craft, refine, armor/weapons, then PvP lacks a purpose. What good is losing all of your things when you based your ENTIRE character around that forced mechanic and probably have multi-sets in the bank? None.


Suggestion 7). Please stop shying away from the mechanics of a traditional MMO.

It seems that the developers are trying so hard to differ from the competition that they are afraid to touch the common aspects of an MMO. Guys. Don't be. Adding these aspects does not put you in the same category as just another MMO as long as you mould these aspects around the core value of your game. It is disheartening that there is no questing and no lore. It makes playing the game less of an indulging experience. One reason that other titan MMOs have succeeded is that they focused on giving the player purpose through their story. In one particular game you might have 8 races; however, all of these races has deep lore that roots the player and the character they create into the world of the game even more. Instead of, "Oh yea? Well I have this build running all t5's nub" it's instead, "Pffft! Gnome Arcane Mage?! no match for my Dwarf Paladin!". Do not shy away from what makes MMOs so successful. It isn't a player-driven economy so much as it is a player driven story and environment. We escape real life for video-games for the fact that it is an escape from that reality. Provide us a world to escape to.


If you guys have any thoughts please let me know. Also. Hi. New to the game! 

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