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Heals per second does draw aggro, albeit the aggro generation seems to be lower then dps generation.

Some Missunderstandings in Albion Online

Heals per second does draw aggro, albeit the aggro generation seems to be lower then dps generation. One could test this by getting vision aggro and let the healer heal. Monsters will immideatly turn on them.


Generally every tank weaponline has a aoe ability. Tank weapons do have a taunt on the w-spell slot, atleast in my definition. Thus quarterstaff, mace, swords and hammers are what I consider "tank" weapons.

Almost all hammer types have a aoe, the onehanded artifact sword/dual swords/ aswell as the hellgate sword have an aoe available too them, every quarterstaff has aoe on the e-slot. So availability of aoe is plenty, wich shouldn't be the deciding factor why the mace(flail) is so popular.


Some Missunderstandings in Albion Online


Flail has one thing that no other tank weapons is able to offer. Longest lockdown of mobs disregarding resistance (cc) combined with a high threat generation (per root tick) and a pull. Combine this with the fact that raid bosses are a fame per hour loss, aswell as general loot issues, we have come to realize that fame farming is a chore and is best done with huge aoe pulls of trash instead.


Needlessly to say flail excels at those scenarios, a pull, a root that creates aggro, a q-slot that enhances defenses. It has everything people will need. Other tank weapons cant deliver anything remotly close too the current meta in fame farming.


If lets say the meta will change so that boss killing (open world/raid) will generate the biggest fame per hour, you could see sword and shield tanks become meta, or any other 1h weapon+shield.


What I am trying to get at is that the way of generating easy solid fame, even the best fame per hour is by pulling masses of monsters and aoe them down. This won't change after buffs too other tank weapons. The only way of making them more attractive is by giving them options like flail. Something that would overall kill diversity and I would disagree with such an aproach.


My intention is not to argue against the fact that alot of tank weapons are weaker in a general state then others, I am just trying to get too the core of the problem first =)


Too ur proposed changes of threat generation. Yes please. Simple as that. Adding more complexity in the dull pve experience is something that benefits everyone in the long run. I have played GW1 and the hc mode used too be a breath of fresh air.


Good post keep em coming

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