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I have followed this game for a while but due to being busy with real life and not wanting to play a buggy beta I have not yet started playing however I will participate starting Aug 1st.

Some Simple Questions From A New Albion Players

I have followed this game for a while but due to being busy with real life and not wanting to play a buggy beta I have not yet started playing however I will participate starting Aug 1st.


A small bit about me, I have over 15 years experience with MMORPG's playing and creating them professionally and together with my group of friends have over 50 years of cumulative experience.


Going through in-depth guides and reviews online and from reading the forums and game website, I have noticed a few things that I would like to share and get your opinions on. I would like you to note that whilst I am mentioning what I see to be drawbacks, there are undoubtedly many positive things about this game which make it very interesting to follow and one day play.


Cross-platform Compatibility


From a developer's standpoint this is quite clear as to why it's done... on the outset it seems more geared towards boosting the player base, however when you identify the proposed platforms you notice that it is mostly geared at capturing a segment of the gaming market with disposable incomes and who spend a high proportion on in-game benefits. This point will be expanded on below. 


Secondly, this acts as a rein on what the game can do on a wider scope as separate platforms have separate capabilities. One factor that is clearly a result of this desire for cross-platform compatibility is slow movement speed of the game character, and a fixed camera view. In my opinion characters seem to move way too slowly and I have noticed many 'First Impression comments noting this. 


Some Simple Questions From A New Albion Players


A fixed camera view is completely opposed to a PvP-centric game. For an optimal PvP experience the game would have a lockable and un-lockable screen that allows you to see a certain range (that is increased through levelling) and is restricted by a 'fog of war'. Alternatively the player would have a complete 360 degree view of the game world but fixed such as Runescape. This of course is not possible to do well on certain platforms and so has resulted in the current view of the game.


Pay to Win


Now the first point mentioned above is not so much an issue a game is Freemium, as it seemed AO was initially intended. However this was dropped and AO is now a Buy to Play game so one would imagine the option to buy "Premium" benefits would be small. This is quite clearly not the case and will represent a massive disparity between non-premium players and premium players as premium players receive the following benefits;


In 15 years of my experience there are not too many Buy to Play games I have seen, and I would say none, that have had such a disparity between non-premium and premium players. The curve of progress made between the two would be premium outstripping non and gaining with every click of the game until they can reach the end game months in advance. This can have quite clear negative implications to the play-ability and offers rest bite to non-premiums buy purchasing premium themselves, a task made harder in-game as premiums will control and dominate higher tier zones much sooner and will relegate non-premiums to slower, less rewarding methods of game play.


Further, the fact that these are recurring benefits on a Buy to Play game clearly outlines the greed of the developers, and biased view in favour of premium game play that can only be detrimental to the player-base in the long run as outlined by countless examples of MMORPG's in history.


When large guilds form and control the zones (which they inevitably will) and monopolise areas, players will have no choice but to join or forced to play lower tier game play. 


No Classes


Whilst this is not an issue generally, the way it has been approached in my opinion will lead to unbalanced game play. As a player is able to wear traditional Melee equipment to improve their defence values, they are also able to wield Ranged or Mage weapons to be able to inflict damage outside of a melee players range but having the defence capabilities of a traditional melee player. This will also have an effect on the PvM game as players will be able to use item values outside of the traditional combat triangle system to mix and match items without penalty.


I believe a clear combat triangle with more well defined penalties would be beneficial to the PvP and PvM game play as well as to the wider market. This is because once an optimal game build is identified other items will quickly lose value and skills will have less time dedicated to them. A clear combat triangle means counters to styles are more clear and so not only do you encourage increased game play to unlock viable builds but also keeps the idea of a single optimal build and strategy at bay. 


Would appreciate your thoughts, will likely make edits to this post after my first game play.

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