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I kind of feel like some touch ups on the actual quality perks could help improve this more too.

There should be actual perks applied which scale in Albion

I kind of feel like some touch ups on the actual quality perks could help improve this more too. For example the difference between a normal piece of equipment and the excellent version is only around 5 or 6 power level I believe?


Then as you increase quality the difference grows eponantially so essentially excellent and Masterpiece are hardly noticble while epic is nice and the legendary is 1 tier's strength higher. This really devalues anyone making excellent and masterpiece gear.


There should be actual perks applied which scale in Albion


I think instead there should be actual perks applied which scale in a way that there is always a significant difference.


For example



Quality increases Damage + CC length

Scale: 0% / 2% / 5% / 8% / 12%


Quality adds passive PvP & PvE damage reduction

Scale: 0% / 2% / 5% / 8% / 12%

This is balanced against Weapons and this should work similar to how the toughness passive works.

With armor being done this way diminishing returns won't interfere so players will always want to choose higher quality. Even with just that 2% damage reduction it can mean a lot in a longer fight opposed to the current system where you get something like 5 extra hit points. If I am having to pay a bonus 20k silver just to get masterpiece armor over regular so I can have around 50 more hit points then a lot of times I just don't bother.



Quality decreases the CC length by a set value similar to the PvP and PvE damage reduction stats.

Scale: 0% / 1% / 2% / 3% / 5%

Similar to the armor issues when it comes to diminishing returns this greatly affects the usefulness of the capes bonus CC per quality level. There are times when excellent, masterpiece and epic will give the player the same CC reduction % as normal quality, meaning only the Legendary version is worth getting. Armored horses suffer from this as well when it comes to quality level. So alternatively with this rework nomatter what your current CCR% is, if you put on an excelent quality cape it will go gain an extra 1%.

Example Normal cape reduces the length of CC spells to 45%. If you put on an excelent version of that cape it should drop to 44%



Quality increases gathering speed

Scale: 0% / 10% / 20% / 35% / 50%

I always felt like the bonus durabilty you get in your tools was underwhelming so if I crafted a higher quality tool I'd certainly use it but paying any extra money for a higher quality tool just seemed like a waste. Maybe in the lower tiers like a T2 or T3 the durability is a bit useful.



Quality increases Hit points and carrying capacity of the mount itself.

Scale: 0% / 5% / 10% / 20% / 35%

Armored horses are underwhelming due to diminishing returns and while I think oxen are not that bad off in quality riding horses feel a bit underwhelming as well due to their low capacity in general. With this change the added hit points will always be a positive since it will aide in PvP instances and you still have the passive carrying capacity for those who intend to stay in the green zones.


What I believe these above changes will do is help increase more incentives for players to try and buy higher quality goods and not just look for epic and legendary which are usually so high in price that its not worth buying. Ofcourse my examples might be too high or too low so the numbers can be tweeked and if there are better ideas for the perks of higher quality gear I hope to hear them.


I just feel that when I am crafting stuff I should always feel a bit excitement even when all I've done is craft something that is excellent instead of what I normally do which is just salvage everything that isn't Epic or higher.

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