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There is only a month to the releasing of Albion Online, but do you notice that some Albion players are leaving the game, why and what happened?

What Cause the Loss of Albion Players?

There is only a month to the releasing of Albion Online, but do you notice that some Albion players are leaving the game, why and what happened? Yes, I'm Virgilio, the Guest Writer of AOSilver, today, I am going to discuss this with all of you.


Basing it on the will to test a beta, is not accurate. I played with around 100 players (350+ from which i did not know everyone) and gathered their feedback and behaviourism, precisely for getting an insight view on why they leave or stay. It has been prooven that way - in addition to what the feedback on the official forums were (which i read) in the last 24 months - that people leave because:


a) they do not want to know the full game pre release, only the basic systems to have a smooth start

b) they tend to burn out and then dont have the energy to grind in the next test (see point 2, burn out)

c) they do not enjoy the game and are waiting for changes

d) they think it's hard to farm albion online gold and silver in game, they feel hopeless!


At the end of the day, you don't seem to know a players motive(s) other than the one that you experienced, apparenlty. I am basing my feedback on actual input of people and of course some hypotheses. But mostly direct feedback.


What Cause the Loss of Albion Players?


There IS a lack of enjoyment. It wont go away after release. It IS one reason, that led to less players playing the game in the betas. Why are talking about this, if we both say the same thing? Do you understand what was said before?


Corrupt data was mentioned for system and features, that changed over the course of one test to another. Every time you introduce consistent content in combiantion with wiping the content (beta), the data collected only points towards general trends in player interaction. Especially with systems, that punish harshly (full loot, or e.g. perma death), player behaviourism has to viewed with a grain of speculation. This argument is not rendering all data useless at all.


Data of features that are no longer in the game or have been changed drastically, can not be reviewed without altering the conclusion (of it) to the current test meta. If players liked the grinding speed in alpha, it means they liked it in the meta of smaller maps, different fame values, different weapon sets used, etc. This data cannot be taken into account completely (hence parts are corrupt), for another meta with new features and different values.


There is nothing wrong with anything i wrote previously. But there is a lot of wrong with what you wrote. Just pointing towards the very wrong conclusion of me "having come to the conclusion of the game is great".


If you disagree, then we are done on the comment area. You said your opinion and I reacted to it. And if you can convince me, you will gey some free Albion Online gold/silver from AOSilver, as the reward!

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