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In my opinion, Food + Gear + GvG is killing guilds and people now, which is not apparent to most of the Albion players!

What Will kill Guilds And People in Albion Online

In my opinion, Food + Gear + GvG is killing guilds and people now, which is not apparent to most of the Albion players!




First, let's talk about food.


The food costs on territories is about right.


The food costs on buildings are enough to kill guilds because they are so extremely high. Farming and hauling can be fun, but it's not - "ALL THAT FUN!". Those that hate farming are being forced to farm. Those that like farming are being totally burnt out and quit. This applies to small and large guilds.


Per unit, all food nutrition is the same in the soup and salad line. soup and salad per unit provide more nutrition per unit than many of the favorites. It takes 30 cabbage soup per day to keep up a building territory. That is 210 soup per week. At about 11-12 cabbage soup or potato salad per percent, it takes about 990-1080 cabbage soup or potato salad to get any of the refining buildings and crafting buildings to full from 10%.


There are 8 super high usage buildings plus all the others. Just looking at these 8 and just using cabbage soup, 990-960 soups needed per building = 7,920-8640 Soups to fully feed 8 buildings from 10% to full.


Each recipe makes 10 soup/craft. 7,920-8640/10=792-864 crafts needed.


Each recipe needs 144 cabbage. 114,048-124,416 cabbages needed.


Subtracting about 25% for red zone processing, we need about 85,536-93,312 cabbages hauled up to fully feed all 8 buildings. + a lot more for the other buildings + any needed for territory feeding.


Our guild of about 50 actives uses about 25% per building per 5 days. 85,536-93,312/90*25=23,760-25,920 cabbages that need to be hauled to feed those 8 buildings at our current usage every 5 days.


Hauling veggies uncooked is best for the least amount of weight possible. A T8 Ox with a T8 Bag and T7 burden shoes using a pork pie can haul 3 stacks. Same configuration using an ox can take 2 stacks.


To haul this to territory we need 8-9 oxen or 12-13 Bears at those high configurations of gear. This is doable with a lot of cooperation. Over time, this becomes less and less doable, because people hate hauling the food and doing caravans. Over a long time, the hauling ends up on a few shoulders who are dedicated. Those few dedicated souls become burnt out and we, as a guild leadership, have seen them burn out and simply disappear one day. People play Albion to play, not have another “JOB”.


Let's talk about the farming needed to grow that food. 23,760-25,920 cabbages needed to keep buildings fed for 5 days. Each farm of 9 plots produce an average of 81 units for a premium account per day.


23,760-25,920 cabbages or units/81/5 = 59-64 farms needed per day. This is = to 10-13 T5 islands or 30-32 T3 Islands needed EACH DAY. Any time we had 1 person farming 8+ T5 islands, they burn out and quit playing after a month or two. Doesn't matter if all they want to do is farm and cook. They still burn out and quit.


Our only success is to make everyone farm and have a T3 island. We find that about only 30% of the guild members really do the required farming on a daily basis. 30-32 T3 Islands*1.67=50-54 T3 islands truly needed.


What Will kill Guilds And People in Albion Online


This amount grown only takes care of 8 buildings. Once again, based on our guild, we have about 40-50 truly active guild members at the current time. This is just barely enough to keep the buildings fed. On top of this, we have all territories, other buildings, and buff foods to still take care of.


As the guild size increases, the problem increases because the amount of dedicated farmers and willing caravan haulers doesn't go up as fast as the population. Most we have had using our territory has been around 300 active members. This many people made keeping up with buildings a nightmare and caused a lot of contention.


To be honest, the food is burning whole guilds out to keep it done.


I'm ok with mount feed and the desire to make mounts rarer.




The fighting members of the guild are gvg hungry, and I mean HUNGRY. As a result of this hunger, guilds are conquering far more territory in their search for fights than a guild needs or even wants to feed. As a result, the poor guild is now faced with a growing food bill that is beyond strenuous to meet and the farming/cooking/pve side of the guild is beaten into death and game quitting. As a result of structure breakdown and member lossage, guilds end up quitting as well.


Another downside is the gear grind that gvgs are stimulating. Every single team has to have the absolute best. The grind to get the materials is appalling.


The other downside is that maps are being taken over by just a few guilds.


There needs to be another timed arena-style outlet for gvg other than conquering territories or cities. I am going to suggest duel challenges between guilds or a tournament. Rewards can be high level mats that are super hard to get right now[#1 choice -souls, runes, essences, relics t7+] and/or silver. Allow these guild duels to be able to be made over any distance. Same with tournaments. Tie in the leadership boards with these. Maybe over time, leaders get a special reward and then the boards are wiped for another round.


To help with gear, maybe these gvg duels and tournaments can be bracketed for equipment levels. Limit the max Tier gear allowed in these brackets/etc.




Crafting and getting gear to people is a very clunky process right now and is also burning our people out.


This process used to be easier, but with all the gear additions and variations, a guild has to have many crafters. For our crafters, always being stuck in territory because someone needs this or that all the time randomly wasn't working.


To fix this, we made a guild resource hall with mailboxes in the middle. Every raw material has a specific spot in this hall. We use mailboxes to put materials in to coordinate between crafters and people needing gear. We also use the auction house to keep a steady stock of items for people to use. To make this process work, we have an equipment order form, an orders spreadsheet, a crafter's form that they can update their skills in, a crafter list spreadsheet, a resource inventory spreadsheet, and a materials calculator.


This is clunky because it forces people to dedicate their time to keeping the mailboxes in order, going back and forth between spreadsheet, and working on materials instead of playing the game. It forces a need for better communication between offline crafters and those needing things crafted. Materials are passing through too many hands making more work for people instead of them getting to be involved in the game and play.


Permissions are really rough as well. Having to sit and put several permissions of each chest of 70 chests in the guild hall is not “fun”. Coming the next day and finding that a bug occurred, {someone claimed the building, their name wasn't on any of the chests, maintenance happened, and all permissions on those 70 chests have been removed}, is infuriating. Permissions would be easier if custom permission groups could be set. For instance, all cooks, all armor crafters, all mount crafters, all gvg folks, all alchemists, etc.


Darkfall 2 allows people to put their materials into a crafting workbench as a work order which allows any crafter who can make it to make it instead of us having to change names in permissions in a chest constantly. When the order is done, the person ordering it goes to the work bench and claims the crafted items. We, truly, could use that here.


A guild bank in addition to personal banks would be very nice in helping to offset the clunkiness of the current system.


Also, I don't think the enchanting benches in the different zones are really doing their job to be hotspots. Most of the time they are not used. When our guys do use them, they go as a group and seldom deal with much pvp. It would be nice to have the recipes back on the territory workstations. The guys are good at losing their special gear out running around the world and in gvg. At least have all enchantment benches on the same continent.


In summary, buildings eat too much(1/4th would be oh so much better), gvgs are causing too much territory claiming and not providing enough conflict for gvg lovers, the crafting gear to end user process is way too clunky.

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