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When I heard that gatherer backpacks are being nerfed from +50% to +30% weight, I am really speechless and want to fuck someone, yes, I have a lot of complaints about Gathering Gear, it's not as good as we players wish and even worse!

Why Gathering Gear Needs Improvements in Albion

When I heard that gatherer backpacks are being nerfed from +50% to +30% weight, I am really speechless and want to fuck someone, yes, I have a lot of complaints about Gathering Gear, it's not as good as we players wish and even worse!


1. Gathering gear: is it good enough?


The short answer is: no. Gathering gear is an acceptable option for the safe zones, but a weak option for PvP zones. It completely destroys any chance of standing and fighting (which is ok and expected), while offering nothing new in terms of evasion/protection (comparable to the standard options), weak boosts to gathering yield (+7,5%, at best), unusable boosts to gathering speed (placed on fighting/protection abilities with a horribly long CD), and now, weak carrying ability (+50% is ok'ish, +30% is bad).


2. Overweighted = Dead


While gathering/crafting in the PvP zones, full mobility must always be preserved (gathering gear offers some pathetic/useless temporary options for carrying above 100% for a few seconds).


Oxes are inviable. The 5% speed boost per level presented in the test server notes is just a nice thing to have in the safe zones.


Normal horses are pointless. Armored horses were viable, but are now under severe threat with the introduction of the new faster mounts.


Why Gathering Gear Needs Improvements in Albion


3. The power of numbers


In Albion, the more the merrier. That would be ok, except that we have been observing an almost exponential effect (should be linear or diminished returns) to the power that comes from having more players: as the number increases, it becomes easier to gain even more power. With T8 resources being locked (ridiculously elitist option, btw, which seems to be a direct contradiction to previous declarations by SBI), farmers, breeders, saddlers, alchemists, chefs and laborers are deprived from plain T8 mats to progress.


Gatherers within a strong guild get a substantial amount of their mats for free, when compared to other gatherers, who needs more albion gold but can't gather well. The gap in risk/reward between the two groups is ludicrous, possibly a game killer, potentially perpetuating acquired advantages.


4. Improvements


4.1. Gathering gear

» Improve evasion/protection, in such a way that it becomes clearly better than any combat armor

» Increase the boost to yield (at least +5% per gear piece)

» Include a passive boost to gathering speed for a specific mat, when using the respective full gear set (suggestion:+10%)

» Keep backpacks at +50%, or even boost them to +75%


4.2. Movement

» While using a full set of gear, a gatherer gains the ability to boost the speed and survivability of his mount (make oxes viable for gatherers in PvP zones and/or improve the armored horse speed to respond to the added threat coming from the new mounts)

» Improve the gatherer's ability to move at full speed for a meaningful amount of time


4.3. Fair and Fun

» Desist from the horrible T8 lock. Return T8 mats to the open world, where they should always be. (Find another way of making territories attractive - it is an easy fix, and there are countless good solutions.)

» Create a small chance for better mats (tier and enchantment) to be collected from a node. This chance is improved for a specific mat when the gatherer is wearing its respective full set.


In a word, Gathering is the most important part of Albion Online systems, we want and hope to see a better gathering system, not a poor/weak gathering system, so we need more pwoerful gathering gear, which will bring more power to gathering system!

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