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Some Tips to Have More Fun Expeditions in Albion

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Albion Online Zerg Healing Guide

So this time AOSilver will tell you some useful tips about the zerg healing, with this guide, you guys will understand the zerg healing more deeply


Why We Call Albion Online A "Sandbox" MMO?

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The Real Issues/Meanings of Fast Travel in Albion

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Albion market system is structured that already lead to big abuse

I do not want to even start with all the guild leaders and key members going to milk average playerbase to build immense wealth


I think albion server latency is tolerable

It doesn't matter what means is used to accomplish having a connection to the server near to you so long as there is a way to play with tolerable latency.


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    Been using for several years. ALWAYS good service and never failed me once GG. keep up the good work! :). Apr/25/2017 13:55:33
  • @ Watson
    600 K AO Silver
    So patient they are, good products Apr/25/2017 12:13:50
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    6500 K AO Silver
    Price is low,I bought gp and will buy powerleveling soon,lol. Apr/25/2017 11:38:29
  • @ Dan
    550 K AO Silver
    Hello, This site has been amazing ever since i started using it. The live support is absolutly awsome. So far I'v ordered a fire cape, Saradomin sword, and dharoks pl8 legs, and am currently in the process on bandos chestplate. Can't wait until order is finished, I am looking forward to make many more (next order will prob be bandos tassets). Apr/25/2017 06:44:25
  • @ Leafie
    4500 K AO Silver
    These guys were pretty awesome. My friend recommended it to me, I ordered, freaked out a bit waiting, then the guy whispered me and we went to trade. I put up items in shop for a lower tax on mesos. At first he was very business-like and only said a few probably pre-set lines of english, but I spoke some chinese to him (having studied it for a few years) and we ended up talking for a good 5 minutes before he told me he had to go help another customer. Really nice getting to actually interact with the person behind the shady deals :P Great stuff, definitely not nervous about it any more. Apr/25/2017 05:21:59
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